The Board of Wellspring


Liddy Hall

My career in the public and voluntary sector has spanned over 35 years, responding to a wide range of needs in a number of different roles and settings.


I have a background in social work management and latterly, I worked with a number of mental health recovery services in the Scottish Borders region. Currently I run my own Advocacy service that helps people with multiple and complex crisis needs to be heard and understood.


These experiences of working in a supportive capacity consolidated my core belief that all individuals should have access to equal opportunities, a belief which chimes with the original inspiration of Wellspring – ‘a new centre where young and old could find understanding, and help in working out new and creative directions.’


Peter Marsh

I am an CIPFA qualified accountant who worked for Glasgow City Council and its predecessor authorities for just over 40 years before retiring at the end of October 2014. During my time with the authority I worked in mainstream accountancy and internal audit. For the last 11 years I was Head of Audit & Inspection responsible for providing assurance on internal control and governance within the council. Being able to play the piano and married to a priest in the Scottish Episcopal church I am always being called upon to play for church services and to help with the fabric of the buildings. When I get any time to myself I enjoy reading (mainly travel, crime and autobiographies) and I generally enjoy the challenge of DIY. I hope to get back into some serious hill walking when my Australian Labradoodle puppy’s bones are strong enough.


Steve Earl

I design and co-design collaborative strategies that bring together the partners that need to work together to create long-term impact, In the technology sector I work with combining government, industry and universities to create long-term strategies. I also use collaborative strategies with local communities and other communities of practices to help bring out their collective intent and help them create their own future development plans.

I am also involved in education projects that encourage thinking and participation, helping to create an ethos of learning and creativity, including the Non-Fiction Science project that focuses on finding the science errors in movies, correcting for them and then remaking the movie with the new changes!



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