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The Person-Centred approach developed from the work of the Psychologist Carl Rogers (1902 - 1987), who advanced an approach which at the time (1940's - 1960's) was considered extremely radical and even revolutionary. This new type of therapy moved away from the idea that the therapist was the expert, and stirred towards a theory that trusted the innate tendency of human beings to find realisation of their personal potentials. An important part of Roger's theory is that in a particular psychological environment, the fulfillment of personal potentials includes sociability, the desire to be known and to know other people. It involves also being open to experience, being trusting and trustworthy, curious to the world and creative and compassionate. The psychological environment described by Rogers was one where the person could feel safe, both psychologically and physically. Therefore, this approach is rooted on a deep respect for the person, and the belief that the relationship between the counsellor and the client is of primary importance. The environment where a person could fell free of threat would be achieved within the therapeutic relationship with a person who was deeply understanding (empathic), accepting (having unconditional positive regard) and genuine (congruent).

The Person-Centred approach is demanding as it requires the counsellor to make full use of themselves i.e. to be fully present to what is happening in each given moment. It also places a high value on the experience of the individual human being and on the importance of his or her subjective reality. The Person-Centred Approach challenges each person to accept responsibility for his or her own life and to trust in the inner resources which are available to all those who are prepared to set out along the path of self awareness and self acceptance.

Rogers and his colleagues believed that this approach, initially linked to Psychotherapy, could be transferred to other areas, like conflict resolution, education, childcare, teaching, management, etc. People today use the work of Rogers as a guiding principle in their day-to-day work.

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