Kim Ward

I am a Process Work psychotherapist with over 10 years experience of working with adults in the  Pastoral Foundation; No21 therapy services, and the LGBT centre in Edinburgh.  I am accredited to work with children or young people and have worked at the Place2be counselling service in schools. I was also a member of Process Work UK faculty training students.

I believe that an important element in therapy lies in a trusting relationship where the client feels safe and supported by the therapist to explore difficult feelings or experiences, which have been hidden away or discarded. Unfolding these experiences can shed new light on our lives to enable greater change and a sense of wholeness.

I am deeply interested in relationship issues and the impact that our environment at work, at home and in the world has on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.  I work with anxiety: trauma, abuse, depression, body symptoms, addictions and difficulties in the work place and relationship issues, including loneliness. I also have experience of working with mental health issues and I am currently researching medication issues in clients with ADHD diagnosis. I also have experience of working with gender and sexuality issues as well as life crisis or existential issues in finding a greater purpose or meaning to our lives.

Many sessions involve reflective dialogue, where feelings and thoughts are explored, this can also take the form of role-play and movement – how we move in space.  I work with non-verbal communication as in art work; music, or body signals or gestures that just pop up. Sessions can involve a deep meditative quality or be quite fun and playful, or be quite intense. Indeed the work is client led as the method comes essentially from the clients and their individual communication style and interests.  I believe that being in touch with our deepest nature can guide us through difficulties towards a more creative living.



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