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Is therapy confidential?

Yes. What you discuss in your therapy sessions is held in confidence by your therapist. Wellspring therapists work to a strict code of ehtics which means they are under an obligation not to disclose what goes on in your therapy sessions.

What if I am unhappy with my therapist?

If you are not satisfied with the way you and your therapist are working together we recommend that you discuss your dissatisfaction with the therapist and see what changes can be made. If you cannot resolve things satisfactorily, or if you feel unable to address the issue with your therapist, you may contact Wellspring to discuss your concerns.

What if I want to end therapy?

Therapy can be challenging and people react differently. Some feel such relief at having shared their difficulties that they think further sessions are not necessary. Others may feel a bit worse as they try to address difficult issues, and feel anxious about continuing. Whatever your experience, it is useful to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your therapist rather than not keeping your appointment, or cancelling by phone. Addressing together your reasons for wanting to finish can often play an important part in understanding and dealing with the difficulties you are bringing.


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