Reflective Awareness & the Mindfulness of Feeling

Date: October 14, 2017

Time: 09.30-18.00

Location: Wellspring

Reflective Awareness & the Mindfulness of Feeling

A Wellspring Workshop on Relational Mindfulness and Early Relational Wounding

Edinburgh: October 14th, 2017 9.30-5pm

This one-day workshop will introduce participants to therapeutic skills and approaches for decoding the distress of early trauma and moving towards establishing a therapeutic holding which can expand from the client/therapist relationship to the inner world of the client. Within therapy sessions clients are frequently communicating subtle invitations for therapists to meet them in their distress and difficulties in ways which can promote transformational reflective awareness and a more empowered identity. Corrective re-experience is a life long task of the self, requiring higher developmental awareness, patient endurance and a depth of self-compassion.

Over the day we will learn how to become more able to detect these cues and respond to these invitations for longed for meaningful contact.

Aspects of Eastern and Western psychology will be drawn upon to enrich the power of sensitive relationship, use of self and therapeutic attunement.

Cost: £60 Early Bird pay by 14th October £50

Tutor: John MacFadyen, Therapist at Wellspring, a Core Process Psychotherapist and member of the teaching team at Karuna Institute, Devon

For further information please contact: John MacFadyen on 07788976022 or email –

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