Dr Shari Cohn-Simmen

Shari is an integrative therapist, working from a person-centred perspective but drawing on insights from psychodynamic and transpersonal approaches. Central to her way of working is building a trusting relationship with each person, providing a safe environment with clear boundaries in which s/he can do the work they need to do. Shari’s experience is that by working in the here-and-now with a client, on listening to what is said and not said, and working in symbolic ways, such as through dreams, clients get more in touch with feelings and often childhood issues which may have remained unvoiced and/or unresolved but still affect them in the present. She places great value on allowing each individual to be heard, in helping them make insights, and fostering enhanced self-awareness and personal growth. Shari works with adults; individuals and couples.

Shari studied in the United States before completing her PhD in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. Shari is a Chartered Psychologist,has a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling (University of Edinburgh) and is a member of BACP and a practitioner member of COSCA.

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